Codester: Brand-new, Fast Growing Marketplace for Developers and Designers

Today I want to introduce you to Codester. Codester is a brand-new marketplace for developers and designers. Here you can buy code snippets, scripts, themes, plugins and more to brush up your next big or small project. Using premade components saves you time and – as we all know – time is money. So take the five minutes it takes to read the following article.

Script directories were big at the end of the Nineties and the beginning of the new millennium. I remember the most prominent of them,, well. Whatever task you were looking to accomplish, HotScripts was the place to go. Then they were bought by some professional website buyer and though they still exist today have since gone into a hiatus. Don’t go there. It would destroy your nostalgic memories of days gone by.

I haven’t run across a similar service during the past decade. While there is no shortage when it comes to marketplaces for designers, developers face a different truth. In summer of this year, a small group of people started a solution to this problem. Welcome,, a fast-growing worthy successor to the dinosaur I mentioned earlier.

Codester targets designers and developers alike. But all the assets they offer have a development related touch, at least as of now. Take their Graphics section as an example. They provide User Interfaces, Game Assets and Product Mockups alongside Icons and Logos there. This is not a nicey dribbbly design lover’s toy box. This is about getting the job done. Don’t blame them for not having too many offerings right now. They have just started out.

by Dieter Petereit

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